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Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping well 🙂 Todays post is dedicated to all things online! There are so many great websites out there that help teachers every day and there is no reason that parents should not have access either! So I have compiled a list of websites that I used every day, as well as others that I have come across recently that may be useful. Now I know many teachers have already done this on their pages so I’ll try and come up with some that are not known widely yet. Enjoy!

1. Twinkl

There is NO WAY that I could not put this at the top. It is one of the most useful websites that I use. As a teacher, I usually pay around €70 yearly subscription and it is definitely worth it. However, Twinkl have been so kind to give all parents access to their free resources. It has everything from powerpoints, online readers, worksheets, stories, puzzles, etc. You name it, Twinkl has it!

Suitable for Juniors – 6th Class

You can access it here

2. Starfall

Now Starfall is an online website that I use at the end of most days to revise letter names and phonics sounds. I do not pay for it because the free website is just as good – it doesn’t have everything but it has lovely videos and pictures to go along with the letter names and phonics sounds. Also available in APP version for smartphones

Suitable for Juniors/Seniors

You can access it here

3. Collins

I was only recently made aware that Collins have a FREE online learning hub with access to over 350+ readers and lots of downloadable worksheet available for ALL parents to use at home with their kids. This would be IDEAL if you have run out of school readers to read with them.

Suitable for All Age Groups

Simply log onto and follow the steps above (in the image) to create your FREE account.

4. Seomra Ranga

This is like an all-in-one website. It covers all subject areas and has a wide variety of worksheets, reading tips for parents and posters. Simply log onto their website and click the ‘FREE’ tab on the top of the screen

Suitable for All Age Groups

You can access it here

5. IXL Maths and English

This website is for ONLINE use. You do not need to download anything from it, which is very handy for those that don’t have a printer. There are so many FREE maths and english games that children can play online. The website is also divided into each class group so it is easy find games that are suitable for your child’s level of ability. Also available in APP version for smartphones

Suitable for Juniors – 6th Class

You can access it here

6. Mangahigh

This is a great website for teaching maths topics to kids. It is exciting and engaging and provides real understanding of maths concepts for kids. You can access a free trial by clicking on the link below.

Suitable for All Ages Groups

You can assess it here

7. Sheppard Software

I use this website a lot in my early intervention class for hep with classifying colours. It is very visual and the kids love it! It also contains lots of fact files, games and other useful activities. Works best on laptops/computers.

Suitable for Preschool/Juniors/Seniors and the facts files would be suitable for older classes

You can access it here

8. ESL Games – games for learning english

Although it has games in the title, this can be used as educational learning. This website would benefit anyone that might have english as an additional language. It gives visuals representations of the colours as well as audio and you have to choose the correct word to go with it. Works best on laptops/Computers

Suitable for anyone with English as an additional language

You can access it here

9. Sesame Street

This is one of my favourite websites for young learners. It is highly visual and contains a wide variety of fun and engaging educational games. Each game has it’s own background story and clear visual and audio instructions for the child. One of my favourite games on this website that I use with my class is “Count me to sheep” – before you play, ask your child how many sheep she thinks will put Telly to sleep. When he falls asleep, ask whether the number of sheep is higher, lower, or the same as her guess. It also has lovely videos to keep kids entertained and online art activities for those who LOVE to draw and colour! Works best on iPad/laptop/computer.

Suitable for Preschool/ Junior Infants / Senior Infants / Maybe First Class depending on interest

You can access it here

10. National Geographic for Kids

This National Geographic website is specifically designed for kids. It has informative videos, educational games, animal explorations and lots of other activities. It is ideal if you wanted to do a history/geography/science lesson with the kids. The best thing is – theres no account or sign up required!

Suitable for All Age Groups but older classes (3rd – 6th) may benefit more from it

You can access it here


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