July Provision / Summer Education Programme – FAQ’s

Who is eligible for the new program?
  • Students with moderate general learning disabilities in mainstream classes at primary-level.
  • Student in primary-level mainstream classes who present with the following disabilities-
    • Down Syndrome
    • Visual and hearing impairment
    • Moderate and general learning disabilities
    • Diagnosis of severe and emotional behavioural disorder
Source: https://www.education.ie/en/Parents/Services/summerprovision/home-based-information-faqs-for-parents.pdf
Do parents find a tutor themselves if taking part in home-based provision?

Yes – has to be a registered teacher (teaching council number) or SNA.

How can parents find a tutor?

To find a potential tutor, contact your local school and ask if they might have any teachers willing to provide home tuition. Alternatively, you can post an advertisement in your local newspaper, social media, or on websites such as JulyProvision.com.

Do parents hear back from department once they’ve registered their interest online?

No. Parents should send forms back upon completion of program.

Source: https://asiam.ie/faqs-july-provision-2020/
Is the programme offered to post-primary schools?
Source: https://asiam.ie/faqs-july-provision-2020/
How long will the programme last?

Programme will run for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks throughout July and August.

Source: https://www.education.ie/en/Parents/Services/summerprovision/home-based-information-faqs-for-parents.pdf
Is the application process different for school-based and home-based provision?

Yes. Schools must register their interest if engaging in school-based provision. They will be asked outline information about their physical layout and extent to which they will take part in programme. They will also be asked to make their premises available to the HSE community programmes. Once schools have successfully registered, they will then

  • Recruit teachers/SNA’s
  • Identify and reach out to parents of eligible children
  • Complete and submit the required claim documentation to the DES AFTER completing the program.
Source: https://asiam.ie/explainer-july-provision-2020/

*see below for application for home-based provision

What is the process for forms for Home-Based Provision? Do we need to send any forms into department before starting July Provision.

No. Asiam.ie sought further clarification from the government yesterday regarding registering for the scheme – here is what they said:

“Upon registering your child for the Home-Based Summer Provision education programme, you must download and print the application form from the DES website. This form must be filled out and sent into the Department of Education once the program HAS BEEN COMPLETED”.

  • Parents register child online – you will NOT hear back from department
  • Complete relevant sections by tutor/principal/SNA PRIOR to starting
  • Complete Statutory Declaration and get it signed by Peace Commissioner, Commissioner of Oaths or practising solicitor PRIOR to starting
  • Once all applications are filled, they are to be sent back to the department by the 28th AUGUST – no later!
Source: https://asiam.ie/clarification-on-home-based-summer-provision-application-procedures/
Can you engage in home-based July Provision in more than one household where children are NOT siblings?

Yes, up to 4 children like other years. The Department was emailed regarding this and their reply was “Yes, that is fine. As long as tuition is provided 1:1, between the hours 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Can an SNA engage in home-based July Provision without a teacher?

Yes. Asiam.ie have written on their website “The new program will also give families the option to employ an SNA for their child” – The new program refers to this year’s July Provision program as it is slightly different to last year. Judging by this line, my understanding would be that no teacher needs to be with SNA during home-based provision as it does not mention it.

Source: https://asiam.ie/explainer-july-provision-2020/
Can an NQT (pending teaching council number) engage in July Provision – i.e. having no teaching council number?

Summer provision can only be completed by a fully registered teacher or an SNA. I have emailed the department to double check if anything has changed this year to allow NQT’s (without a TC number) to engage in Summer Provision.

Child is transferring from a junior school to a senior school, which school will facilitate school-based July provision?

The school that the child is currently enrolled in.

Can we choose to tutor for 2/3 weeks or must it be 4 weeks and 10 hours per week?

No you cannot choose 2/3 weeks. You must complete it over 4 weeks with maximum of 10 hours each week.

Source: https://www.education.ie/en/Parents/Services/summerprovision/home-based-information-faqs-for-parents.pdf
Who can sign a statutory declaration during this?

Peach Commissioner, Commissioner of Oaths or a practising solicitor. Contact your local solicitors office to find out opening hours or else go to https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/justice/civil_law/peace_commissioners.html to find a suitable peace commissioner. You can also contact your local Garda station to find a local peace commissioner.

Do I need to apply for new Garda vetting to July Provision.

Registered teachers can use their Teaching Council Garda Vetting. SNAs can provide the Garda Vetting Cert from their current / most recent school. All providing the scheme will have to sign a statutory declaration confirming that they are appropriately vetted.

Source: https://asiam.ie/faqs-july-provision-2020/
I am three months pregnant, can I do July Provision?

This is a personal decision. Although there are no official guidelines regarding risks for teachers who are pregnant to engage in summer provision, you must think of yourself.

Is this program voluntary or will teachers get paid?

You volunteer your TIME but yes, you WILL get paid.

Source: https://asiam.ie/faqs-july-provision-2020/

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