A Real Day in the Life of a Teacher

Hi everyone! I tend to start off every post out of habit with saying “I hope you are all having a good day” when in fact, I really mean I hope whatever kind of day your having that your embracing it and then moving on from it! Life is so strangely different now and toContinue reading “A Real Day in the Life of a Teacher”

Phonics Activities for Home

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying my blog posts so far 🙂 So I have decided to finally record myself talking through a few activities! First time nerves were very real so apologies for the shaky voice! Below you will find some simple phonics games that you can do at home. I haveContinue reading “Phonics Activities for Home”

Home-made Lava Lamps

Hello all future scientists! Here is a lovely simple science lesson that involves making your own home-made lava lamp – Enjoy! 🙂 Materials Water A clear plastic bottle Vegetable oil Food coloring Alka-Seltzer (Please make sure you are fully supervising any children taking part in this investigation – Alka seltzer is NOT TO BE EATEN!Continue reading “Home-made Lava Lamps”

Early Maths Activities (E.M.A)

“Children come to school with some mathematical knowledge, which they have gained at home and through play” (PDST). Children are learning everyday, they see the world through imaginative eyes – something which some of us adults lose as we get older. Early Mathematical Activities allow children to become aware of maths in their own environmentContinue reading “Early Maths Activities (E.M.A)”