A Day in the Life of a Teacher

A Typical Day in an Early Intervention Class

I wrote this post to answer any questions teachers may have in relation to what a typical day is like in my Early Intervention Class. It details classroom structure, in-depth classroom layouts, displays, timetables and the recording of work. I hope it might answer some questions! Enjoy x

Useful Websites

Todays post is dedicated to all things online! Check it out to find some useful online educational and fun websites to keep the kids busy over the next few days!

Home-made Lava Lamps

Hello all future scientists! Here is a lovely simple science lesson that involves making your own home-made lava lamp – Enjoy! 🙂 Materials Water A clear plastic bottle Vegetable oil Food coloring Alka-Seltzer (Please make sure you are fully supervising any children taking part in this investigation – Alka seltzer is NOT TO BE EATEN!Continue reading “Home-made Lava Lamps”


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